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Arriving Fort Worth (50” x 82”)


“Fort Worth is strategically positioned at the midpoint of many trails, such as the famous Chisholm Trail. This is where the cowboys would get some much-needed rest, stock up on supplies, and find entertainment. I got the inspiration for this painting from the history of the Stock Yard and I created this painting to show my admiration of those who lived in that time and their courage. Through their bravery and hard work, Texas was able to supply about 25% of the entire country’s beef reserve. I tried to accurately depict this legacy through this painting - the architecture in this painting can still be seen today!

The collector of this painting was born and raised in Fort Worth, and he told me one of the main reasons he treasures this painting is because it shows his great love and admiration for this city. To this day, Fort Worth maintains this legacy of the old Western culture through the famous stock yard and its on-going activities.”



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